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CRUMB Quarterly - 1st Quarter 2010 Report Login

CRUMB Quarterly - 1st Quarter 2010

CRUMB Quarterly - 1st Quarter 2010

The CRUMB Quarterly - Q1~2010 is a snapshot, viewed online, of the market trends of changing market prices for #4 CRUMB Rubber (minus 10 mesh).

#4 CRUMB Rubber (minus 10 mesh)
No.4 Tire Granule (minus 10 mesh) shall consist of granulated tire crumb, Black & White Magnetically Separated, sized to minus 10 Mesh.
Fluff from tire cord removed.
Minus 10 mesh refers to material that has been sized by passing through a screen with 10 holes per inch.

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The Commodity Heartbeat Report is derived from current spot market prices originating from


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