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ONP This Week

ONP This Week

Baled Repacked NewsPrint - $0.00 USD/TON
current spot market price as at Tuesday June 25, 2019

7 Day Trend Advanced 0.00%
Over the past seven days the market trend for Repacked NewsPrint was down $0.00 USD/TON

Old News Papers (ONP) shall include old sorted newspapers or repacked newspaper, May not include bundles or twine. small amounts of Kraft bags are acceptable. Bales shall be compressed into secure uniform bundles, not to exceed 72" in any dimension any with a minimum weight of 1,000 lbs., Bale ties may be wire, strapping or appropriate bale cordage. (unless otherwise declared by individual buyers).

30 Day Trend Rose 0.00%
In the last thirty days Repacked NewsPrint was $0.00 USD/TON Lower

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7 Day Graph

File #: 30
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